School Vacations

Transportation to and from all fields trips will be by school bus.

You may choose which days to send your child regardless of your regular schedule at the ASC. There is no minimum number of days.

If you notify us of your change by the final date for reservation, we can credit your account with whatever you paid. After that date, there will be no credit given.

Tuition/Billing 2010-2011

Bills are mailed in advance monthly. If you choose to keep your child out of the program for any reason, payment is due. A two week notice must be given when taking the child out of the program or you will be billed for that period.

Important Information

Please call us by 1:00 p.m. on any regular school day (by 9:30 a.m. on early release days and by 8:30 on full day programs) if your child will not be attending for any reason. No credit shall be given for any absences, including illness, for any day(s) the child is registered. There is limited enrollment. Registrations are now being accepted. Enrollment is on a first come basis.

For currently enrolled families: The additional charge for a full day of care, including the field trip and transportation, is $30 per day and is due at the time you turn in your reservation form.

Tuition for school vacation months include the vacation period, according to your regular schedule, for about 3 hours per day. You may send your child for approximately three hours, not including the field trip, at no extra charge on as many days as your child normally attends ASC in a week.

If you send your child for more days during the vacation week than you have paid a monthly fee for, the daily charge is $53 per day. The vacation care amount is due when you sign up your child. You may take one week of vacation during the school year and we will credit your account with 1/4 month. If you wish to take vacation during school vacation week and have not already done so during this school year, please let us know on your reservation form.

If there are parents who are not working on a particular day and who wish to accompany us on a field trip, please speak with co-director Chris Serson.


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